Jesse Peterson & Chi Huyen Mai CHUNG TA DI

Jesse Peterson and Chi Mai’s CHUNG TA ĐI is a visual exhibition that bridges the gap between travel and fantasy. The experience of travel on personal modes of transportation is very private and one that acts as barrier to contemporary life. In this project, the artists play with the themes of perceived reality and fantasy and tune in with their subjects. Peterson’s paintings focus on modes of travel and altering reality to create fantastically impossible scenes. Chi’s photography crosses the barrier between her and her subjects allowing the viewer to enter a highly personal, rarely seen surreal glimpse of life in Vietnam.

Peterson states:

"The title CHUNG TA ĐI comes from a Vietnamese phrase meaning ‘Let’s go.’ In itself the phrase has a two possible meanings. It may invite others to share in experiences, or demand to leave unpleasant ones. It implies a start of something new, and begs the question ‘Where?’ In this project we are inviting the viewers to experience new exciting and/or impossible locations, and to think about the ways to get there."

Chi Mai is a Vietnamese photographer, writer and dedicated world traveler.
She has exhibited in Galleries in Singapore, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Her writing includes screenplays for film drama, television and documentaries as well as travel journals, magazine and newspaper articles in and around South East Asia. Her current headquarters is Saigon, Vietnam.

Jesse Peterson is a Canadian filmmaker, painter, and multimedia artist born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. His work has been exhibited, installed and screened nationally and internationally. For the last two years he has been creating new bodies of work in and around South East Asia. He lives in Saigon, Vietnam.

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