Vahsi Kan(a.k.a. Turkish First Blood) with Mondo Macabro’s Turkish Pop Cinema

Big Smash! Productions & cineflyer present:
Çetin Inanç’s Turkish First Blood (with Mondo Macabro’s Turkish Pop Cinema)
Friday, October 22, 2010 at 9PM
Golden City Fine Art
211 Pacific Avenue
Admission $5

Ever imagine Ted Kotcheff’s action blockbuster First Blood with Sly Stone taking out zombies? If so, look no further than Inanç’s sleazy, ultra-violent take on First Blood starring the one and only Cüneyt Arkin. This film comes with Inanç’s signature style of quirky sound effects, free-spirit editing, genre-mixing and is compete with Jerry Goldsmith’s original score.

Note: Due to the rarity of Vahsi Kan it is presented in crap-o-vision! Painstakingly subtitled in English for the first time ever by hardcore Turksploitation fans!

Mondo Macabro is a British television series based on the book Mondo Macabro: Weird & Wonderful Cinema Around the World by Pete Tombs. In Turkish Pop Cinema, Tombs and Starke explore the history of Turkish popular cinema. This documentary serves as an introduction to Turkish action, sex and fantasy films. It presents plenty of footage from the films themselves and contains several new interviews with Turkish film legends Yilmaz Atadeniz and Cüneyt Arkin (who stars in both Dünyayi Kurtaran Adam and Vahsi Kan). This film is guaranteed to whet your appetite for more Turkish cinematic gems!

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